OCPD: My Life In Debris

My Life In Debris is a series created for YouTube that focuses on mental health, personality disorders and a personal journey of discovery and healing.

This original concept will follow and document the struggles of someone coping with a personality disorder and the paths and options they take in order to become a healthy and functioning member of society.

Friends Like These

Friends Like These follows the adventures of two best friends that share their hate for each other in common. There is nothing they won't do inflect absolute misery onto the other one.

There are harmless pranks, and then there's what these guys do. With a goal of forcing each other to face some of their worst fears and the hope that these experiences will forever change each others lives, Friends Like These explores the idea of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Raw Reviews

We are currently casting for our new comedic product review series. We will be scouring the web for the oddest products we can get our hands on. The unsuspecting and beautiful product reviewers will be reviewing unpackaged products without the product name, description or any sort of instructions.

This series will be broadening out to include unusual services as well, as we continue to cast smart, beautiful and personable local Colombian woman.