Darryl Rossignol

As founder and art director, I'm here to determine how best to represent your concept visually. Working with a team of experienced photographers, videographers, producers and marketers, Raw Signal Productions is able to take an idea from light bulb moment all the way to market and beyond. We are an exciting bunch of creators that are eager to bring more imaginative people into our fold and we can't wait to share in the success of your next project.


Geyvis Chavez

Geyvis is someone who’s lust for life is obvious in observing her work ethic and the results of her time in the studio. Geyvis came to us with a background in travel photography and advertising. She is a wizard in post production and produces much of our video content.


Gendy Chavez

Gendy approaches her art from a socially responsible and holistic perspective. Gendy’s inquisitive nature lends itself to creating images that explore the curious relationships between the personal and nature. In addition to exploring the outside with camera in tow, Gendy is also our community manager and brings that sense of immediacy and urgency to her photography.


Juan David Medina Arias

Juan, the newest member of our team, adds a wealth of video editing, animation, special effects & illustrating knowledge to our creative department. Great at conceptualizing and quick to produce impactful content, Juan is an integral part of what will make your product rise above the rest of the pack.